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Profiles and Presentations

2022, @ the U, U professor to receive 2022 Leonardo Award

2022, Petit Sàpiens (Barcelona, Spain), L’amiga dels arbres

2021, SUU Student News, SUU Kicks of the Year of Grace with Dr. Nalini Nadkarni

2021, @ the U, Biology professor Nalini Nadkarni receives international award _ @theU

2021, Edunat, «Visibilitzem la Nalini Nadkarni: Engeguem un projecte en col•laboració amb l’Institut Maria Espinalt per tal de donar veu a dones científiques.» (In Catalan)

2021, the Urban Activist, Science, art and museums! Connecting youth in custody with academics

2021, elPeriódico (Barcelona, Spain): «Els arbres mereixen el mateix respecte que les persones» (in Catalan)

2021, Núvol (Barcelona, Spain): Nalini Nadkarni: ‘A tree goes around the world seven times a year’ (in English), Nalini Nadkarni: ‘Un arbre fa la volta al món set vegades en un any” (in Catalan)

2020, Salt Lake Tribune: Recovery from upheaval can generate a new state

2020, La Voce de Parma (Italy): Gli alberi sono importanti quanto i nonni

2019, Columns (University of Washington): Forest Ecologist Nalini Nadkarni Keeps Nature in Touch

2018, University of Utah, Our DNA Magazine: The Romance of Science

2018, Wings Worldquest: Women of Discovery Lifetime Achievement Award

2016, National Geographic: Explorer Moments

2016, Washington State University: Nadkarni Weaves Threads of Nature and Social Justice

2016, University of Utah: Expanding Science’s Reach

2015, National Science Foundation: Canopy Researcher Goes Out on a (Tree) Limb to Promote Public Understanding of Science

2013, National Geographic: 5 Unconventional Ways to Get People Hooked on Nature

2012, CNN: The Tree-Climbing Scientist Who Brings Plants to Prison

2010, National Science Foundation: Award

2014, Brown Honorary Degree, video, address  

2010, National Science Foundation: 2010 Board Award

PDF ONLY: 2009, Dare to Be Fabulous: The View From the Top

PDF ONLY 2007, The Earthkeepers: High on Conservation

PDF ONLY 2006, Evergreen State College: Extreme Research: Evergreen Edition

PDF ONLY 2006, The Daily Astorian: Tree Canopies Unveil a New World

PDF ONLY 2002, The Olympian: Pilgrimage to the Canopy

RADIO: YIN Radio, Nadkarni

TED Talks

Video Presentations

Science in Prisons

2022, Ecology and Society, Ecology and Society 202Impacts of conservation activities on people who are incarcerated: a case study based on qualitative and quantitative analyses

2021, Resilience Quarterly, Tapestry Thinking with Nalini Nadkarni

2021, Resilience Quarterly, Moss in Prisons

2020, The University of Queensland, Solitary confinement: a panel discussion

2018, YES Magazine: Nature is Medicine, Even in a Prison Cell

2018, Governing News: Coming Soon to Solitary Confinement Cells: Nature Videos

2017, University of Utah News: Nature Imagery Calms Prisoners

2017, Deseret News: Changing nature: Study says bringing nature scenes to inmates reduces violence

2017, NBC News: Can ‘Blue Rooms’ Make Prisoners Safer and More Humane?

2017, Nature: Nature Videos Help to Calm Inmates in Solitary Confinement.

2017, Ecological Society of America: Collaborating with the Incarcerated in Ecological Restoration, Education and Sustainability

2017, Correctional News: Snake River Study Shows Nature Scenes Help Calm Prison Inmates

2017, Biographic (California Academy of Sciences): Conservation Meets Corrections

2017, Los Angeles Times: Researchers Figure Out How to Calm Inmates in Solitary Confinement: Nature Videos

2017, Daily Utah Chronicle: U Researchers Use Nature Imagery to Calm Solitary Confinement Inmates

PDF ONLY: 2017, National Geographic (France): Former Les Detenus A Proteger La Nature

2016, YES Magazine: Five Prisons Improving Life on the Inside

2016, National Geographic: Biologist Wants Nature for Everyone – Including Prisoners

2016, KSL: Smart Tools, Scientific Data Drive McAdams Vision for Salt Lake County  

2016, Popular Science: Nature Videos Make Prisoners Less Violent

2016, The Washington Post: Nature videos made violent prisoners more peaceful

2016, Independent: Nature Videos Seem to Make Maximum Security Prisoners Less Violent

2016, Outside: Is Nature the Key to Rehabilitating Prisoners?

2015, NPR: Reducing Aggression with the Environment

2015, Continuum (University of Utah): Blue Rooms Could Help Make Prisons Safer

2015, Fox 13 News: About 5,000 Fish Take Up Residence at SLC Jail

2015, The Washington Post: The Stunningly Simple Idea that Could Change Solitary Confinement as we Know It

2015, KUER: Jail Pond Helps Preserve Utah Species

2015, The Daily Utah Chronicle: U Program INSPIRE Strives to Introduce Science, Conservation to Prison Inmates

2015, Correctional News: Prison in Washington State is Latest to Institute “Blue Room”

RADIO: 2015, BYU Radio, Nature and the Mind

2015, Oregonian: Washington Prison Mimicking Oregon Program Showing Nature Videos to Solitary Prisoners

2014, Salt Lake City Tribune: Inmates as Conservationists? It Could Happen

2014, KSL: Prisoners Participate in Unique Education Program

2014, KUER: Salt Lake County Inmates Get Science Lessons

2014, Deseret News: University of Utah provides science education house call to jail inmates

2014, TIME Magazine: The 25 Best Inventions of 2014

2014, Oregonian: Oregon Prison Tackles Solitary Confinement with Blue Room Experiment

2014, Mother Nature Network: A (Greener) Life Behind Bars

2014, Daily Utah Chronicle: U Researchers Use Nature Imagery to Calm Solitary Confinement Inmates

RADIO: 2013, KUER: U Plans to Bring Science to Utah Prisons

2013, The Scientist: Science on Lockdown

2013, KSL: Inmates, Artists Work with Scientists to Save Forests

2012, The Salt Lake Tribune: Prisoners are saving nature, one frog at a time

2010, National Science Foundation: Science Behind Bars

2010, CNN: Prisoners Turn Over a New Leaf with Eye on Environment

VIDEO: 2010, PBS (KCTS): Sustainable Prisons Project

2009, The Oregonian: Washington Prisoners Plant Seeds for Conservation

2008, National Science Foundation: Inmates Conduct Ecological Research on Slow-growing Mosses

VIDEO: Sustainability in Prisons Project, Connecting Prisons with Nature

VIDEO: Sustainability in Prisons Project, Science for the Incarcerated: Prison Project

STEM Ambassador Program

2018, Boy Scouts of America, STEM Ambassador Program Science Camp

2018, University of Utah, Humans of the U: Kevin Davenport

PDF ONLY: 2018, Shades of Pale Brewing, Trivia Night

2017, PLOS, Scientists and Policymakers – Not Such Strange Bedfellows

2017, EurekAlert!, Advancing Public Engagement at the Ecological Society of America

2017, ASCB, The scientist’s dilemma: The average person doesn’t understand what I do

2017, KSL, U. scientists seek answers to ‘loneliest’ diagnosis

2017, KSL, Professor helps students to find refuge in education

2017, The Agenda of the Greater Avenues Community Council, Air quality sensors to be released to the public in Fall, 2107

VIDEO: 2017, POP, STEMAP Webinar

2017, Harmons Grocery, Fermentation 101

PDF ONLY: 2017, Argentina’s Best Empanadas, Instagram Post

PDF ONLY: 2017, Friendly Neighborhood Senior Center, Flyer

PDF ONLY: 2017, NABI’s Broader Impact List

PDF ONLY: 2017, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Program Division

PDF ONLY: 2017, Liberty Senior Center, Flyer

2017, University of Utah Edible Campus Gardens, Research in the Gardens

2017, Science, Step out of the lab and engage

2016, ESA, Ecologists don their research in an ‘eco-fashion’ show #ESA2016

2016, University of Utah, Expanding Science’s Reach

2016, The Agenda of the Greater Avenues Community Council, STEM Ambassador Program

PDF ONLY: 2016, Mountain Ridge Backcountry Horsemen of Utah, Flyer

Humanities and the Arts


2006, Capacitor: Biome

Rap Music

2009, National Science Foundation: Rap Music Brings Science to Urban Youth

2009, Live Science: Rap Music Brings Science to Urban Youth

2009, Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Science and Hip-Hop Join Forces


2017, Salt Lake City Tribune: Op Ed: If Science Loses its Place in the Nation, Hope Goes With It

2014, KSL: More Women are Needed in STEM Jobs  

VIDEO: 2008, National Geographic: Wild Chronicles

Medical Applications

Davis, C., C. Weber, and N. Nadkarni. 2022. Prevalence of discourse on public engagement with science in ecology literature. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment doi:10.1002/fee.2535

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