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Rain Forest

Follow the rain-forest expert Nalini Nadkarni as she climbs through layers of foliage, from the dark forest floor to the misty cloud canopy that teems with life. Visit the world’s most amazing habitat to see its huge variety of flora and fauna, from anteaters to pitcher plants, from piranhas to bromeliads. Readers open the panoramic gatefold to see which spectacular creatures live in each of the rain forest’s layers, then turn the acetates to reveal how the ancient Mayans worshipped at the jungle Temple of the Jaguar in 700 B.C. The journey ends in the giddy heights of the uppermost treetops, where few scientists dare to explore.


This book explores a special kind of tropical forest that grows at high altitudes — a tropical cloud forest. It presents the cloud forest through the eyes of scientists working in the best-known tropical cloud forest, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica, and it shares many of the secrets that these scientists have uncovered through their research. The author highlights the delicate biology of the tropical cloud forests and the continuing efforts to preserve it.


Kazoo Magazine - The Great Green Issue

The Canopy Calls

Wander through these trees and discover just how magical and mysterious the rain forest is- and what it means to us.

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